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Loyalty discount




1. Loyalty discount (“discount”) is specified by the amount of purchased goods. That contains all of the items you have received and paid for. Total amount is stated in your personal account.

2. The seller is demanding the right to cancel the discount, exclude the buyer from the list of discounts or even cancel his personal account or current delivery, in case of our bussiness terms and conditions are being repeatedly violated by the buyer.

3. You have to make at least one order in each calendar year to retain your loyalty discount. 

4.  It is not possible to combine your personal loyalty discount with any other discount. The higher is always applied.


1. The loyalty discount may be achieved only in case you are the registered user of our e-shop at / shop.tbb-bike.com / described by the general bussiness terms and conditions, particularly 2. Personal account.

2. After the achievement of minimum purchased amount, you will be automatically put into the first discount group with 5% off every order.

3. The buyers right for higher discount might be demanded after the achievement of a neccesary purchased amount on your personal account.

4. Total amount contains all of the goods you have purchased using your personal account. If you are using more accounts on our website, then It is not our duty to count up your discounts from all of your a accounts. In this case we are not responsible for both, the amount of discount and total amount of your purchased goods.

5. In case you think theres is something wrong with your personal account’s loyalty discount categorization, please contact us promptly via our email adress: order@tbb-bike.com

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