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By TBB-BIKE  |  20.04.2021

Even though its a bit older piece from January, this montage from Dan Foley is something no one should miss.

By TBB-BIKE  |  19.04.2021

This is one way to spent the winter! While most of us was locked inside because of the quaratine in frozen Czechia, the crew consisting of Jirka Zouhar, Tomáš Kondělka, Kuba Najman, Milan Bolek  and Michal Fejfar spent two whole months in warm and sunny Malaga. Jirka Zouhar went through the footage they made and created more than 18 minutes of enjoyable bmx content!

By TBB-BIKE  |  16.04.2021

Few days back I got a message from Tomáš Carda about an animation he has been working on in his free time. Its aimed as a promo for our bmx customizer and its finally ready to be shown. I hope you will like it! In the past weeks we had a lot to do here in TBB-BIKE, which also included two custom bike builds. I want to show you those as they were designed in the said customizer and represent very well what you can do with it. We do like the customizer very much and it looks like you do too! :)

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