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By Tomáš Carda  |  24.05.2018

Jiri Blabol’s recent travels brought him to Malaga and Barcelona to show off his technical street riding capabilities. He spent altogether 10 days in those two Spanish cities and in this short period he managed to film this bangin’ edit. Watch as he destroys new and staple spots of these street riding destinations.

By Tomáš Carda  |  09.05.2018

Its more than 3 years since our crew went to the first trip around Europe with one and only mission - to get lost in the streets of its cities. I guess none of us expected at the beginning that this project can grow that quickly and with episode become bigger and bigger. The level of riding, filming, editing and media visibility grew up with every episode as well and this year the Lost in Series became officially supported by DIG BMX and became visible worldwide.

By Šimon Čechura  |  18.04.2018

Raul is one ambitious guy, who basically follows his instinct and does what he wants to. It’s clear that one of these things is to progress on his bike as much as possible. Because of that he knew he gotta start the season right. And what could be better then spend 2 weeks in sunny Barcelona, when back home is freezing cold?

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