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By TBB-BIKE  |  05.05.2020

After Dominik's Welcome to TBB-BIKE video you can have a closer look on what he rides at the moment. 

By TBB-BIKE  |  30.04.2020

Dominik has been riding with our very own Zdenda Pešek quite often in the last couple of years and impressed us with his riding style, attitude, and constant effort to riding. His eye catching riding style features speed, style and goofy footed rotations so you'll get lucky seeing someone doing better lookback airs than Dominik himself. We're more than proud to welcome Dominik to the family.

By Šimon Čechura  |  05.03.2020

Ahh man been waiting for this. Whether you're fan of Zdenda Pesek's riding for his all-round skills, or just his riding style in general, today is your lucky day. Filmed over 2019 on many different occasions, this video demonstrates Zdenda's technical and high-speed riding in a new light. Edited by Tomas Carda.

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