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By Vojta Pánek  |  07.10.2020

My part of this story began last winter in Malaga, Spain. I met Ruben fewtimes in his bowl, but I had no idea about his suspension bmx. Actually, first person who showed me picture of this bike, was my friend Honza Faistaver. He was riding enduro bike at one spot behind the city. Ruben has this spot close from his house. He is riding there very often and there I tried his suspension bmx for first time. To be honest, when i saw that for first time, I tought: What the hell?! Even, when I saw that personaly, this ringed in my head.


By Šimon Čechura  |  17.08.2020

Due to corona virus pandemic still going on most of this years events has been cancelled or postponed. Sad fact, but it is what it is. People behind the Fise Montpellier event decided to run a new age competition on-line. Inspired by other on-line events such as Sosh Urban Motion video contest, the rules are quite simple. Film a video and impress the judges and riders on-line. The first round is qualification and our own Raul Jula joined the contest and is going well. Here is his entry to the e-Fise BMX street Pro qualification.

By TBB-BIKE  |  05.05.2020

After Dominik's Welcome to TBB-BIKE video you can have a closer look on what he rides at the moment. 

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