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By TBB-BIKE  |  24.10.2018

Last year we managed to move our whole shop including warehouse and everything to a new place. Instantly after it’s reconstruction, the place started being called TBB-BIKE BMX House. And there is no doubt why. Simply because it has a that special vibe and it’s a true representation of what an actual BMX House is supposed to look like. Or at least in our eyes.

By Šimon Čechura  |  13.08.2018

Who’s following us on a daily basis may know, that Raul Jula is one passionate guy. He’s on his mission 24/7!! This time he went to France to visit the Performance BMX family and discover all the tranny spots out there. These guys are known for making beautiful memories so they teamed up with Raul and as a result we got this short yet banging video part filmed in the streets of Paris. “Animal bikes Romanian connect through TBB-BIKE - Raul Jula”

By Šimon Čechura  |  10.07.2018

Few weeks back i decided to visit Michal Smelko as we became good friends in the past few years. From Brno it’s not that far to his area so i simply took the train and in few hours we’ve been chilling together. One of Smelko’s favorite spare time activities is fishing, that’s why his bike isn’t that clean.  Thought of cleaning it for a sec, we left it as it was though. As i had the opportunity to found out later, Smelko used to cruise through the woods on his bmx bike daily! Find out more about his current set-up inside. 

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