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Return or exchange goods


When you are about to return or echange the goods please follow the steps bellow.

1. Undamaged, unused goods pack carefully with protection againts the damage during delivery. Please notice that we are not accepting damaged or broken looking packages as well as we are not responsible for any damage during delivery caused either by the courier or inadequate packaging.

2. Don’t forget to wrap following things:

- copy of the bill/ticket/invoice
- cover letter with stated request for the return or exchange
- write down you bank account number, where in case of return money will be sent
- the return address with your mobile number

3. Please send the package to the adress of our store. We do not accept any cash on delivery packages.

Vránova 170a
Brno 62100
Czech republic
tel. +420 608 884 669
mail: info(add)tbb-bike.cz

4. We will contact you as soon as the delivery arrives and try to sort everything out.

5. When exchanging the product, we are charging an extra fee for postal order, packaging and manipulation.

6. When refunding money to your bank account, we are chargin an extra fee 10€ for all orders up to 2000€ and 25€ for all orders over 2000€. Please understand that this is  international money transfers policy of our bank.

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